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Breakthrough Innovation

In demanding, highly-specialized trailer applications, the status quo doesn’t deliver real value. At SteelPoints, we use advanced engineering tools and world-class manufacturing processes to build better trailers – delivering breakthrough product features and true competitive advantages to our customers at every opportunity.

Responsive Collaboration

We elevate our customers to essential partners – beginning with custom product design and continuing through manufacturing, delivery, and unparalleled customer service. In addition to helping solve problems, limit risk, and more quickly recognize new market opportunities, our collaborative, engaging approach keeps our customers loyal, engaged and happy.

The Highest Quality

Our customers expect flawless uninterrupted performance from our trailers, and to maintain our reputation, we hold our products, processes, and people to the highest standards. While other trailer manufactures equate quality with conformance to specs, Steelpoint is constantly looking for ways to improve every facet of our product experience.


Out in the field, there’s a lot riding on our trailers, which is why we build them to handle even the most rugged mission-critical environments. From the punishing demands of rental and contractors to pump and power generation, SteelPoint sets the standard for precision engineering, continuous improvement, and responsive customer experience.



SteelPoint has a proven track record of providing tough, functional trailers and fabrication services for the industry, and you can see our commitment to excellence in our designs, including extra cross members and easy-to-replace wear parts. Moving forward, we will continue to design and build an expanding range of products, including new equipment trailers, tilt trailers, dump trailers, and hydraulically activated drop trailers.



For a trailer, there’s nothing more punishing than a rental fleet. We’ve served this challenging segment since 2008, and our trailers can be found in the equipment, power and pump sections of the leading rental houses in the US and Canada. To help our customers protect and extend the life of their assets, we build trailers that last for years in all regions of North America and make fleet maintenance easy.

FTG Generator Trailer_crop

Power Generation

When you need to deliver mobile power generation solutions for mission-critical projects in any environment, SteelPoint can help you get there. We have developed a range of trailers for the portable power industry from 3,000 to over 30,000 lbs. In addition, we support complete fleets of trailers from the smallest no-brake-required trailer to the triple axle gooseneck or kingpin.

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Trailer-mounted pumps play an essential role in a number of industries, including construction, fire suppression, and oil & gas, and we have developed a range of trailers to support different fluid handling and boosting applications. From 3,000 to 26,000 lbs., and the smallest no-brake-required trailer to the large rugged pump system, we support complete fleets of trailer pumps


Energy & Environmental Services

SteelPoint is the leading manufacturer of trailer-mounted power systems that provide continuous and reliable power to remote sites. With experience working with battery-based photovoltaics, and our ability to custom engineer trailers that support alternative energy applications, we bring a higher level of performance to transportable power.


OEM Fabrication Services

Beyond trailers, we offer major industrial equipment manufacturers who need help with large complex projects a number of different specialized metal fabrication capabilities, including the following:

  • Heaters
  • Hot Tack Tanks
  • Light towers
  • Fuel tanks
  • Water tanks

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Our Brands

Our company offers two distinct trailer brands for our customers.


Built to go the distance.

To reflect the strength and precision for which we are known, we have created a new trailer brand called SteelPoint, with a deep portfolio of rugged, carefully-engineered trailerized solutions for a range of mission-critical applications. We’re excited about our new brand, and are confident that it will help us continue to grow and innovate.


Innovation above all else.

For 10+ years, MMDi trailers have provided superior performance and reliable peace of mind out in the field, and as a product line under our new corporate SteelPoint brand, MMDi will continue to represent a legacy of quality and a reputation for excellence.

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